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Mandatory Curbside Garbage and Recycling Collection


In June of 2018 Whatcom County Council approved Ordinance 2018-031. This Ordinance amends the Whatcom County Code8.10.040 (D) which states:


D. Effective January 1, 2019 single-family residential real properties located in Point Roberts, with on-site sewage systems, shall no longer be exempt from mandatory curbside collection services. As a minimum level of service, the minimum required curbside collection service shall be 26 annual pickups, to occur at the discretion of the customer on any day of the approved every other week collection schedule, of a 32 gallon can and three bin source separated recyclables. The cost of the minimum level of service, as per the approved UTC tariff, shall be billed as an annual fee on the property tax bill, at the rate of one minimum level of service per real property. Service levels above the minimum level of service, as may be requested of the service provider, for larger cans, increased frequency of pickup, carry out or other services will be invoiced directly by the service provider as per the approved UTC tariff.


On November 30, 2018, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission approved Cando Recycling and Disposal’s tariff revision (Docket TG-180782) establishing new rates for services as outlined in the tariff.


The last day of every other week collection in 2018 is December 31; so the first day of mandatory every other week collection under the new ordinance will be Monday, January 14, 2019. Routes have not yet been established, but it is anticipated that service will be provided on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday on the every other week schedule. A calendar will be posted on the website.


Property Tax Statements will contain a new line, under the assessments column outlining an annual charge of $212.64. This charge is made up of $11.68 (garbage collection) + $0.42 (3.6% State Refuse Tax) + $0.34 (2.91% Whatcom County Excise Tax) + $5.28 (recycling collection) X 12.


A database of properties, to receive service, has been provided by Whatcom County and those property owners will also receive a letter from the county outlining similar information. Unfortunately, the database only provides the name, service address and the billing address and does not contain phone numbers or email addresses. As such, we are asking that you contact us at 360-945-2636 to arrange pick up of your recycling bins and also assist us by providing your telephone and email contact information.


Cando Recycling and Disposal has committed to issuing all customers with bi-monthly statements, either by mail or by email which will inform them of their usage to date. Residential customers requiring service in excess of the minimum level of service will receive invoices on the same bi-monthly schedule with additional services itemized per the approved tariff rates.


Customers who are new to the service should insure that they have a 32 gallon (121 litre) or smaller but not larger, garbage can, with the street address on the can and the lid. We recommend“Animal Stopper” type garbage can due to wildlife in Point Roberts.


Single family residential properties which contain more than one residence will only be provided one set of recycling bins and one service of 26 32 gallon can per year. Additional occupants will need to sign up with Cando Recycling and Disposal for service over and beyond those provided and paid for through the county ordinance.


Cando’s website will be updated with current rates and links to the updated tariff in January of 2019. In the interim, notices will be posted on the website notice board (black bar across the top of the web page) or at with updates of information.


We remind all customers that the WUTC (Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission) governs our rates and services.

Please contact us at 360-945-2636 for any additional information.

Every Other Monday Pickup by Street