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Final Update for the Week

After careful consideration of the current conditions and the weather forecast, Cando Recycling and Disposal continues to find it unsafe to have our crews out on the street collecting garbage, nor the ability to safely dump the refuse at the transfer station. Pursuant to the limitations of services in our tariff (Item 30), we will therefore resume curbside garbage collection on Monday February 18th, 2019.

EOW (County Tax paid) customers and regular weekly customers will have their garbage (only) collected per their regular day of service on that week. This service will also be provided the following week along with recycling. We understand that there may be excessive recycling on this week, but we will staff accordingly. We apologize for any inconvenience the current conditions may cause you; unfortunately they are beyond our control.

We ask that you bring in your garbage and recycling so that it does not get covered in snow or blown away.

Further, the transfer station will not be open, for safety reasons, on Thursday February 14th or Sunday February 17th.

Please, either go to our Website and click on the black bar at the top for updates or go directly to for updates or please call the transfer station at 360-945-2636 and check the voicemail message for up to date information.